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Paleosity! Gluten-free quick bread

It happens to all of us sooner or later, I think… despite our best intentions to go without bread, we end up searching for a gluten-free recipe that will give us a little of what we’ve been missing. I have been playing with the low-glycemic flours (almond and coconut) with varying results. I have found that some recipes are definitely better than others when it comes to breaking new baking territory.

I stumbled on Elana’s blog and her recipe for Paleo Bread. I followed her recipe except that I had regular flax meal instead of golden flax, and I used a normal-sized silicone bread pan instead of the one that she recommends. My loaf was a little squattier, but just as yummy! My son adored it, and I even baked a loaf for Easter to take to my parents’ so that they could have a sample of gluten-free baked goods.

If you are new to baking with nut flour, you will find that the batter-type consistency of the dough takes some getting used to. The first time you make it, you might even fret that you are doing something wrong, so I have included a pic here of what the mixture looks like in my food processor. It is much more familiar if you think of it in terms of a quick-bread such as banana bread, instead of the elastic type of dough that you knead. I look forward to playing with this recipe to add different flavors and spices.

There IS hope for a tasty gluten-free bread!


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