Gracious living and Peonies for me, please! (…and thank you)

25 May

I am so happy that my peonies are opening. Finally! They seem to be the last on the block to be breaking out of their tight buds, and I think it’s just because I have been waiting (un)patiently for it to happen! The peony is one of my very favorite flowers, I find them so beautiful and old fashioned. A giant bouquet is such a romantic sight, and some are as fragrant as roses.The big gathered bouquets are so blowsy and casual, but so, so pretty.

I can’t help but cut flowers when summer begins, and fill my house with vases… large, tiny, tall and slender or short and squatty, I love them ALL and put them in nearly every room. I have a tendency to pick up old or pretty vases at garage sales and flea markets even though I don’t actually need them, just because knowing they will be filled with flowers, makes me HAPPY!

A bouquet definitely doesn’t have to be from a flower shop to make me smile (though in the winter it is a welcome treat), I love it just as much (probably more) when my husband stops at the roadside to pick a bunch of colorful blooms just because he knows they will tickle me! I get that same satisfaction from cutting from my flowers and herbs in the yard; there is just something about being thankful and bringing them inside to enjoy up close and personal that makes me think of simple gracious living.

By gracious, I do NOT mean fancy or expensive, but rather living in an aware way that makes a house feel like a home. To me, it’s small things like candles and flowers, a bowl of nuts on the table, pretty plates from a tag sale or discount shop, or tablecloths that make things seem just a little bit more intentional. I think that it is a version of “taking the time to smell the roses” or peonies, or lemon balm, or a campfire, that makes each day feel special, even when things are stressful or hurried. Sitting in the backyard with a glass of iced tea or lemon water, or coffee in the morning at the beginning of the day just gives me a bit of peace to carry with me. đŸ™‚Â  I feel that being in the moment and being grateful, soaking up the small things in life, are just as important to good health and well-being as feeding our bodies the right nutrients. A daily dose of Vitamin T, thankfulness!


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3 responses to “Gracious living and Peonies for me, please! (…and thank you)

  1. johnnysenough hepburn

    May 25, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    Peonies are so beautiful. And pleased to see you’ve used a couple of Tradescantia. I used to have a web site about my garden (when still in London), and one of the additions was a Tradescantia plant I was so pleased to get. To my slight horror a cyber pal in Alabama told me he used to pull them out like weeds in his back yard! Until he noticed that I’d hunted around London to buy one. Isn’t strange the differences in countries.

    • Gretchen without Gluten

      May 25, 2012 at 4:32 pm

      I’d never heard it called by that name before, I have always referred to it as Spiderwort. I LOVE them, so so pretty, and just gorgeous in arrangements. I had a neighbor give me a few plants several years ago, and they really seem to love my yard, and developed into a nice patch. Last year, I divided them and put them along one side of my house, I think they are so pretty. The amusing part is that I offered a few plants to a friend of mine who is also into her garden, and she thought I was crazy! She said she hates them and that they are invasive (also pulls them like weeds)… kind of like your Southern friend! I was so surprised. I also have Lily of the Valley which is beautiful, but truly IS invasive in my yard, so I can understand how one person’s prized flower can be another person’s weed!

  2. A Table in the Sun

    May 29, 2012 at 10:34 am

    Peonies are gorgeous. I haven’t had much luck with them here in California, but my zinnias, verbena, and gallardia are blooming like crazy. Like you, I’ve been snapping photos of flowers all week. My most fun arrangement this week didn’t consist of flowers, though. I pulled my long overdue leeks and used the tops in an arrangement. Such structural beauty.


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