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Not only do I share recipes on my blog, but I also write articles about living without wheat, the gluten free lifestyle, and other health issues that catch my attention or that I feel passionate about. I try to “say it like it is”, while at the same time basing my opinions on research and personal experience. I hope that you find these posting thought-provoking and informational!

Start at the beginning! My first post and my reason for blogging in the first place! Quoted from my post to Dr. Davis, author, on his Wheat Belly Blog.

When a Diet isn’t a Diet (Or how my husband and I have lost 44 lbs in 12 weeks) Benefits of The Wheat Belly (diet) and how to lose weight without being hungry.

How to Shop When Going Grain-Free and Sugar-Free In this piece I am just sharing my approach to grocery shopping when following Wheat Belly or a Primal way of eating. If you need a place to start, this is a good article for you.

Why Gluten Free for Me? Reasons I Deleted the Wheat! The health motivations for making a change in diet

The Dangers of Wheat, Don’t Let Addiction Fool You. Why wheat is not what you think it is, why is it literally addictive, and how it is harming your health.

Flour Chart- So Many Flours, So Little Cupboard Space! How Gluten Free Flours Compare for Carbs and Protein Content A chart I created to help people make informed choices about substitute flours in a wheat free, gluten free kitchen.

FIBER: Movement, Beyond the Grain An article about fiber content in key fruits and veggies as an alternative to grains.


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